Scope of Work

  • Dry vacuuming to get rid of dry dust


  • Shampooing and scrubbing of the top surface to get rid of stains if any


  • Wet-vacuuming to pull out excess water and shampoo.


Kindly note:

  • Inspite of our best efforts all stains cannot be removed 100% but we will do our best.


  • Kindly keep the fans switched on until the Sofa is dry


  • Cleaning time 1 to 1.5 hrs minimum Drying time 3 to 4 hrs min


How often should I clean my sofa?

This question's response is more complicated than it first appears. Pet hair is far more difficult to remove than a human hair. Therefore if you have a pet, you will need to clean the sofa more frequently.

Can I do the sofa cleaning myself?

"Yes and no" is the response to this query.

Yes, you may clean your sofa, but you must first make sure you have the necessary tools. A vacuum cleaner, a towel or sponge, and some detergent.

How do I protect my sofa from spills?

Using a cover is the greatest way to shield spills from your sofa. It will stop any liquid from harming the cloth by soaking through the fabric.

Which is the best technique for cleaning a sofa?

For cleaning a sofa, there are two main methods. One is dry cleaning, which can be accomplished with a vacuum cleaner. Another option is wet cleaning, which entails wiping the sofa with soap and water after using a wet cloth or sponge.

What materials should I avoid when cleaning my sofa?

There are a few items you should avoid using when cleaning your sofa. You shouldn't use any type of water-based cleaner on your sofa.