Scope of Work

(Kindly note that the below is a general inclusion list, something may not be relevant in your case please do kindly ignore)
  • Cleaning of windows, grills, channels, panels,
    dustings of walls & ceiling,
  • Dusting of furniture, fans and Tubelight.
  • Dry vacuuming of the entire house including bed and sofa, carpet if any
  • Deep Cleaning of window panes, channels
    and grills
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen including cabinets and trolleys both inside and out, appliances like fridge and oven would be cleaned only from outside
  • Deep cleaning of bathroom and toilets
    Including the wc area, shower, bathtub,
    Taps, etc
  • Mopping of the entire house and manual scrubbing of flooring and tiled areas
  • Wall and ceiling dry dusting
  • Deep cleaning of bedrooms ( process same as hall)
  • Deep cleaning of loft if any
  • Deep cleaning of gallery if any


  • Vessels won't be washed
  • No cleaning inside the cupboard unless it's empty.
  • No removal of paint, cement or gum marks.


  • Industrial Vaccum cleaner.
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals.
  • Brushes
  • Microfibres and dusters
  • Other necessary consumables


  • Kindly note that in spite of our best efforts all stains cannot be removed 100% but we will do our best
  • Kindly perform a security check before reliving the guys post-completion of work, Don't sign the feedback form without inspecting the work thoroughly.
  • We expect the customer to keep the kitchen trolleys and cabinets empty before the cleaners start their cleaning, They will help u to set them back again.